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Tick season has arrived and  lasts throughout spring, summer and fall, with May, June and July being the peak months on Cape Cod. The key to your safety on the Cape, or anywhere else, is prevention. Ticks are commonly found on Cape Cod in the woods and grassy areas. Ticks can infect your dog, children and yourself and may carry lyme disease. Here are some good tips for avoiding infection from ticks. HDNA can help with these pesky little critters. We can come spray your property so that you can enjoy being in your yard. 

  1. Use a tick preventative.
  2. Ask your vet for a tick screening at your next checkup.
  3. Talk to your doctor/vet about diseases such as lyme disease from ticks.
  4. Check your dog, children and yourself after going outside.
  5. If possible, stay away from tick infested wooded or grassy areas.
  6. Discourage tick harboring animals from entering your yard with a barrier or fence.
  7. Watch  for changes in appetite or behavior

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