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Hardscape Contractors

H~DNA’s hardsacpe contractors are fully equipped and experienced to install all types of hardscape designs to make your Cape Cod property as beautifully functional as you need and want it. We design and build patios, walkways, and steps that will enhance the look of your landscape while making it more usable. Our professional hardscape contractors also build retaining walls and pave driveways.

The best hardscape blends with the rest of the landscape. It can be as simple as a rustic stacked-stone wall, or as an elaborate outdoor living space from which to enjoy a beautiful Cape Cod summer. Your site must be considered comprehensively to develop a design that harmoniously blends hardscape, lawn, and plantings while considering factors like usability, accessibility, sustainability, and adaptability. Drainage is also an important consideration for professional knowledgeable hardscape contractors when adding hardscape to a landscape design.

Our well-designed and professionally installed hardscapes for your home or business will increase your curb appeal and add to the value of your property. You can take advantage of our hardscape contractors’ expert design and masonry skills to create the hardscape you’ve always wanted. We even provide a free consultation and estimate for every project. If it’s time to add new hardscape to your property, contact us for your free project assessment today!

Sometimes the usability of your property requires more than just adding an attractive feature. If part of your property cannot be fully utilized or enjoyed because of unevenness of the land, H~DNA will level the ground to open up the area and make it beautiful and functional. Where necessary, we can add an attractive and sturdy retaining wall to further enhance the look and use of your property.

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