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Landscape Maintenance

You can count on us for regular landscape maintenance of your residential yard or commercial building grounds—or feel free to call us to perform any of these Cape Cod landscape maintenance services a single time:

Spring and fall yard cleanup:

Yard cleanup is an important aspect of property maintenance, both to get your landscape looking its best despite what our Cape Cod weather throws at it, and to keep it healthy.

Weeding and edging:

Plants grow, and weeds tend to be particularly hardy; weeding and edging keep the right things growing where they should, and to keep unwanted growth from encroaching on your plantings, destroying the look and competing for nutrients.


Mulch is important in maintaining the health and appearance of your planting beds; it must be properly installed to conserve moisture, impede the growth of weeds, and possibly improve fertility.

Professional ornamental pruning/Hedge trimming:

Do not let overgrown ornamental trees and shrubs or an unkempt hedge ruin the look of your beautiful landscape; H~DNA can keep them looking their best with the right care at the right time.

Lawn care:

Did you know that it is not just the green stuff that needs to be properly cared for to keep your lawn looking its best? We’ll make sure your soil and grass get the care they need to stay healthy.

Fertilizing trees, shrubs, and other plantings:

Whatever care the plants that make up your landscape need to stay beautiful and healthy, let H~DNA put our extensive horticultural knowledge to work to maintain your living landscape.

Gutter cleaning and repair:

Save yourself the headache and expense of damaged fascia or soffits, roof leaks, and eroded landscaping that can result from water overflow from a clogged gutter or downspout.

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