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Lawn Care

H~DNA provides comprehensive, professional lawn care services. Count on our Cape Cod lawn care professionals to fertilize, mow, edge, and if necessary, overseed your lawn.

It’s not just the green stuff that needs attention and care to keep your lawn looking its best. If your soil lacks the nutrients your grass needs to thrive, your lawn will not stay healthy enough to look beautiful. From the soil to the tip of each blade of grass, our lawn care services give your lawn the attention it needs.

Lawn Maintenance

The right fertilizer helps establish and maintain dense, deep green turf. The healthier the grass, the better it looks, and the better it stands up to weed infestation. If you have suffered thinning grass, overseeding—which is sowing grass seed over an existing lawn—may be in order to reestablish a thick growth. Overseeding must be done right to be effective.

To create a lawn, two more efficient options to basic seeding are hydroseeding and installing new sod. Hydroseeding involves applying a slurry that contains grass seed and mulch, while sod is a mat of grass and the layer of soil containing the roots beneath. We are also happy to do traditional seeding if that is what you prefer.

Lawn Mowing Service

To keep your established lawn looking its best, we will keep it mowed and edged. Overgrown grass can make it look as though you lack pride in your property. For a business, it is unprofessional and tends to make your business look unsuccessful. H~DNA will maintain a lawn you can be proud of and your customers and neighbors will notice. It will be well manicured and kept from encroaching on walkways, driveways, and planting beds.

H~DNA professionals use only premium products, including an optional organic lawn care line. All of our loam, mulch, and fertilizer are of the highest quality.

"Our landscapes not only look great, but they also live great!"

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