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Landscape Design

Horticultural DNA professionals have extensive horticultural knowledge and effectively use it for all their landscape design projects, whether it is planning your new landscape or revitalizing an older yard and grounds. Different plants do better in different conditions, and can be used to create different looks. The perfect design for your Cape Cod landscape must not only look great but also be healthy in the long run.

Not only do we know which plants best suit the conditions of your property to achieve your desired look, we know how to properly plant them. We will never cheat you by planting less than your job requires. Our clients save money by getting appropriate plantings for each part of the landscape, without expensive overplanting.

Native Cape Cod plants are a nice touch, and we know how to use them to their best advantage. We can also make the most of not-so-native plants and know which are best suited to our Northeast climate.

While we are proud of our horticultural knowledge, our expertise does not end there. Because landscaping encompasses more than just plants, H~DNA is also skilled in hardscaping such as designing and building patios, walkways, masonry features, stonework, and driveways, as well as gardens and lawns. Our landscape design services combine beauty and functionality to create outdoor spaces that are as easy to live with as they are aesthetically impressive.

We also understand that a residential property’s landscape needs may change as a family grows. Our landscape designs are always created to keep your landscape adaptable throughout all of life’s changing demands.

Lawn, plantings, natural features, hardscape—our landscape design will provide the perfect look for your property then we will do all the work necessary to bring it to life.

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