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What is Snow Mold?

Snow Mold can infect most all types of grasses that must endure a period of freezing temperatures and snow cover. It is often the first disease of the year and may cause your lawn to have an unsightly appearance, especially after the snow melts. Snow Mold can even...

Winter Lawn Care

Winter Lawn Care: How to Prepare Your Landscape for the Winter Months We all enjoy the gorgeous fall weather here on Cape Cod, but unfortunately, its time is fleeting. Soon those cozy backyard fire pits and crisp late-year parties will be replaced by frigid air and...


Lawn grubs live in the soil eating grass roots and leaving your yard brown and unattractive. Not only can these pests damage the lawn, but their presence also invites unwelcome wildlife that feed on lawn grubs - digging up patches of grass in search for them. The...

Ticks on Cape Cod

Tick season has arrived and lasts throughout spring, summer, and fall, with May, June, and July being the peak months on Cape Cod. The key to your safety on the Cape, or anywhere else, is prevention. Ticks are commonly found on Cape Cod in the woods and grassy areas....

Bring Spring Indoors Early!

It has been a long cold hibernated winter.  Did you know you can produce spring flowers early..?  Bring some color indoors !!! This is a great experiment to do with the kids or to see which of your spring-flowering trees and shrubs you can get to bloom...

Fall Plantings for Color

Fall is a great time to plant kale. The leaves are sweeter when they mature in cooler weather. Kale can also be used to make smoothies, stir-fry and soup. Cabbage is considered a hardy cool-weather vegetable and can be planted fall. Available in numerous varieties and...

Spring Care of Hydrangeas

Nearly everywhere you look on Cape Cod, you see hydrangeas. In a normal year, summer brings showy bushes that are thick with leaves and full buds that may be open. But a harsh winter, such as the one of 2013/2014, causes plants to emerge wounded from the cold—or not...

Seeding a Lawn

On Cape Cod the best time for seeding a lawn or renovate the one you have is the period that begins September 15 and ends October 15. The light, temperature, and conditions are perfect for seed germination. There is also no weed competition at this time of...

How to Plant a Tree

The right way to plant a tree. While spring and fall are the ideal times to plant a tree, it’ll do just fine in the summer, too, if you water, water, water. Plan your watering schedule even before you plant a tree. Dig a whole about three times the size of the root...

Lawn Maintenance

Protect your Lawn from Summer Stress In the spring, as part of your overall lawn maintenance program, you need to decide whether you’ll water your lawn all summer long as needed to keep it green or just let it go dormant. If you allow it to turn brown and then water...

Lawn Care

The first step in proper lawn care is having a lush, beautiful, and weed-free lawn is choosing the right grass for your site. Whenever possible, plant low-maintenance, pest-resistant grasses that will require less watering and fertilizing. Have your soil tested at...

What Happened to the Impatiens?

The summer of ’13 was a blooming nightmare for Impatiens lovers on Cape Cod. Where this colorful plant once decorated lawns and landscapes, there were instead dying flowers and patches of empty soil, the result of a killer fungus called downy mildew. A white, fuzzy...

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