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Fall Plantings for Color

Oct 15, 2014

Fall is a great time to plant kale. The leaves are sweeter when they mature in cooler weather. Kale can also be used to make smoothies, stir-fry and soup.

Cabbage is considered a hardy cool-weather vegetable and can be planted fall. Available in numerous varieties and shades. You can enjoy this vegetable with a boiled dinner or in a soup.

If your decorating for fall with pumpkins and gourds, choose orange, bronze, yellow, and creamy white mums. If you have a lot of evergreen plants that provide a backdrop of varying shades of green foliage, try bright pinks, lavenders, pure whites, or reds. With  bold colors, a large grouping of mums can excite even the most drab of fall landscapes.

Montauk Daisy are an exceptional perennial addition to the flower bed. Its large daisy flower that bloom very late in fall and last until a very hard freeze. Montauk Daisy offers foliage interest year round. Use it as an anchor in a bed of annuals or around a birdbath or garden feature.