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Lawn Maintenance

Oct 14, 2014

Protect your Lawn from Summer Stress

In the spring, as part of your overall lawn maintenance program, you need to decide whether you’ll water your lawn all summer long as needed to keep it green or just let it go dormant. If you allow it to turn brown and then water it back to a green condition, you’ll be stressing the grass and depleting its energy reserves.

If your lawn maintenance plan is to keep your lawn green all summer long then water deeply and infrequently, about one to one and a half inches per watering, depending upon site conditions. (Feel free to ask H~DNA to evaluate your lawn for watering requirements.)

Water two to three times per week, early in the day if possible so the water will soak down into the soil.

You still need to water even if you wish to allow your lawn to go dormant. Give a dormant lawn a half-inch to an inch of water every two weeks to keep the root and crown tissue alive.

The most stressful time of year for a lawn on Cape Cod is from mid-June to mid-August so save for later activities such as seeding, dethatching, and applying nitrogen fertilizers. For now, good lawn maintenance includes proper mowing and watering practices. Mid-August through October is the ideal time period for the other lawn-care activities.