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Seeding a Lawn

Oct 14, 2014

On Cape Cod the best time for seeding a lawn or renovate the one you have is the period that begins September 15 and ends October 15. The light, temperature, and conditions are perfect for seed germination. There is also no weed competition at this time of year.

If you haven’t begun to plan, now’s the time!

There are a few things you need to plan before seeding a lawn or renovation begins. Whether it’s an irrigation system or an outdoor spigot, you need to have a proper watering plan in place. And plan to implement a lawn maintenance (link “lawn maintenance” to appropriate page) program, which includes mowing, and a lawn treatment program.

Here’s our 6-step plan for renovating a lawn, which includes seeding a lawn.

  1. Treat for crabgrass and weeds two weeks prior to the renovation date.
  2. Deeply dethatch the lawn and remove debris. This will remove the dead weeds and crabgrass, too.
  3. Aerate the area to loosen the soil and allow for oxygen and good drainage.
  4. Top-dress any depressions and areas with poor soil. Lawns prefer a sandy loam, which also allows for drainage.
  5. Spread a premium seed over the top-dressed areas and lightly rake it in.
  6. Slice-seed the entire lawn and finish off by watering.

Did you know that Horticultural DNA provides all-in-one services for all your landscaping needs? 

We maintain, service, and install irrigation systems.

We provide a complete lawn care program, which includes fertilizing, mowing, dethatching, and aeration.